30 April 2016LSE completes OWAV vessel
30 April 2016LSE successfully completes Sapura Kencana H102
30 April 2016LSE successfully delivers vessel without loss time injury
30 April 2016LSE delivers offshore vessel
22 April 2016LSE receives 5-star rating at DSA 2016
22 April 2016LSE awarded 5 star in small and medium shipping at Asia DSA 2016
20 April 2016LSE berjaya siapkan kerja penyelenggaraan KD Kedah lebih awal dari jadual
19 April 201610 syarikat taraf 5 bintang
16 April 2016Labuan Shipyard completes maintenance of vessel ahead of schedule
16 April 2016Labuan Shipyard completes maintenance of vessel ahead of schedule
16 April 2016 Maintenance work for KD KEDAH is completed
16 April 2016 LSE completes patrol vessel’s maintenance ahead of schedule
16 February 2016 Staf Labuan Shipyard Engineering teruja lawat Labuan FM
16 February 2016 Kakitangan Jab. Komunikasi Korporat LSE lawat RML
1 July 2015M'sia eyes bigger global share of shipbuilding
13 March 2015LSE to ride on oil and gas industry momentum in Labuan
29 December 2014Sorotan 2014: Pembangunan ekonomi Labuan memberangsangkan
27 December 2014Looking Back 2014: Exciting year for Labuan's economic, social devt
11 December 2014LSE Donates by Handing over Furniture to Senior Citizens Activity Centre
9 December 2014LSE Donates in Conjunction with PAWE's 'Program Muhibbah'


7 September 2016 LSE's Statement on Theft Case Incident
29 April 2016 LSE Successfully Delivers DP2 OWAV Without LTI
19 April 2016 LSE Receives 5-Star Rating at DSA 2016
15 April 2016 LSE Completes KD Kedah (171) Routine Maintenance Ahead Of Schedule
28 August 2016MOU to Boost Talent Pool in Labuan
21 August 2015Official Response from LSE on weaking Ringgit Against The US Dollar
9 July 2015 LSE Contributes to Labuan Fire Victims at Buka Puasa Event
29 May 2015 Labuan Shipyard & Engineering Holds First Steel-Cutting Ceremony for Bokor Helideck Project
11 May 2015 LSE Lends a Helping Hand to PDK Mutiara


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